Accounting Equation

How it Works

How It Works

Our Process

Understanding the clients’ need

Rounds of discussion and discovery meetings with the client to understand the business and requisition in detail.

Design of SOP/process

Basis the discussion with the client in previous step, our expert team draw a comprehensive SOP/ process to meet the client requirements. We try and bring the best industry practice on table.

Dry Run

The SOP/Process designed in the previous steps is tested on past data /dummy data and results are analysed for modification in the SOP /processes.

Processing of data

Once the dry run is successfully completed. The live data is processed for quality and timely report and analysis.

Review, follow up and updation of SOP/process

Considering the dynamics of business the processed and SOPs are continuously updated for being relevant and not being outdated.

Why us

A strong accounting, book-keeping and analysis team is a backbone of any successful business. Our strong SOPs and process differentiate us from our competitors. Further, support from our experienced and highly qualified team members is an added advantage.

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